How You Can Prevent Your Dog From Becoming Obese

big boxer dog

Obesity can cause a lot of health issues for people, and it can cause problems for dogs as well. Because of this, pet owners need to take steps to keep their pet from becoming obese.

These simple tips will help you to keep your dog healthy:

Choose The Right Type Of Food

Dogs have different needs at different times in their life. When a dog is younger and more active, they will need a food that is higher in calories. As a dog gets older, they won’t need as many calories; they will only need essential nutrients.

Select a food that is a good fit for your dog’s needs. If your dog is pregnant, look for a food that provides them with extra protein. If your dog likes to lay around all day, seek out a low calorie dog food. Find a dog food that will provide them with what they need; no more, no less.

Give Your Dog Meals

Don’t keep your dog’s bowl full at all times. A lot of animals don’t have a great deal of self control. If your dog sees food in the bowl, they will eat it, regardless of whether they are hungry or not.

Schedule mealtimes for your dog. Try to feed them at the same time every day. That way, your dog will be able to get all of the food that they need. Overeating shouldn’t be an issue.

Give Your Dog Plenty Of Exercise

Make sure your dog gets all of the exercise it needs. If your dog isn’t getting a chance to run around and burn off the calories it consumes, it is naturally going to put on some pounds.

Different dog breeds need different levels of exercise. Smaller dogs may be satisfied with a short walk. Larger dogs may need to get hours of exercise each day. Research the kind of breed you have and find out how much exercise it needs. Make sure that you give your pet a chance to get that exercise.

Talk To Your Vet About Your Concerns

Sometimes, dogs put on weight even when they are eating and exercising appropriately. If this is happening to you, you should bring up your concerns with your vet. In some cases, a weight increase can be a sign of a larger problem.

Your vet will be able to look at your dog and determine if there are any kinds of issues. If your dog is in good health, they may recommend a prescription dog food. If there is some kind of health problem, they can treat it right away so that your dog can regain its health.

If you follow the tips listed above, you should be able to prevent your dog from gaining too much weight. A pudgy dog may be cute, but that doesn’t mean that that dog is healthy. If your dog has been gaining a lot of weight, you should work to make sure that they lose those extra pounds.